Zurigo: Christmas time

Zurich is a lovely city that is imbued with the spirit of Switzerland. The historic Old Town offers distinctive architectural styles and beautiful old religious structures. There are pubs and bars for a drink in between sightseeing expeditions, and also excellent restaurants where you can have some hearty Swiss cuisine.


At night, the streets become centers of entertainment that showcase the city’s famous street artists and performers. In the famous Bahnhofstrasse of Zurich, you will find everything your heart desires — from delicious pastry shops to expensive designer stores and luxury watch shops. At any time of the year, this street is busy, but especially so in winter when the Christmas decorations and lights are hanging and the festive atmosphere of the holiday season prevails everywhere.


We have shown the Christmas season in our blog, but the ideal time to engage in a tour of Zürich is between the months of June and August. This is when the normal temperature range shoots up to the mid 70s, making a dip in the lake conceivable. Nonetheless, summer’s warmer weather likewise makes it the most expensive season to visit. Yet even in the winter off-season, lodging rates still stay high in light of the adjacent skiing in the Swiss Alps. If you plan to visit in the spring or fall season, you may have the opportunity to discover affordable room rates, but will need to be prepared for the cold climate.



Stefania Salvatore



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