Nice place for to lunch or Dinner in Alghero

Alghero, the coastal town in the Mediterranean Sea in Sardinia region of Italy attracts lots of tourists from not just other parts of the country but also from rest of Europe and Americas. This beautiful resort town, which was developed as a port town in ancient times, has many beautiful beaches and historic structures. It has a small population of 44000 people which more than doubles during the tourist season in July and August every year. Like other places in Italy, Alghero is also known for its delicious food, especially the pasta and a huge variety of seafood. Being a dishing port, there is no shortage of fresh seafood for the restaurants and eating joints in the City Centre. If you are new and do not understand the Catalan language spoken here, you can head straight to Dietro il carcere, a nice place for to lunch or dinner in Alghero.


Dietro il carcere is a restaurant in the heart of Alghero that is loved by not just the local people but also by the tourists coming over to Alghero. It is a place that is popular as the best restaurant in entire Alghero for fresh and delicious seafood and that too at very reasonable prices. The restaurant has received a 5 star rating from the tourists for the quality and taste of the food that is served here. You can eat to the content of your heart without any health worries as the place maintains very high standards of safety and hygiene.


One reason why Dietro il carcere is a nice place for to lunch or dinner in Alghero is that you get all sorts of food items and drinks at reasonable prices here and you do not need to go to any other place to fulfill your requirements. You get to eat the tastiest of the Italian pasta here. But what Dietro il carcere is really famous for is its variety of dishes made using lobsters. Do not forget to try the yummy lobster salad that is made with tomatoes and onions.

Stefania Salvatore



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