Alghero Events: Important for the Tourists

Alghero is a very beautiful resort town in coastal region of Sardinia in Italy. It receives thousands of visitors who are attracted because of its beautiful beaches and historic structures including churches and cathedrals. Alghero also boasts of beautiful natural scenery. But if you are interested in mingling with the local populace and also want to take part in festivals and other local events, there are many times in a year when you can come to Alghero and have loads of fun. The following is a list of important Alghero events in a calendar year.

Sea Urchin Festival

This is a festival that attracts tourists from all over the country to Alghero. Red pulp of this creature is considered a delicacy in Alghero. In the months of March and April, all eating joints in Alghero serve dishes made with sea urchins. People eat sea urchins to celebrate this festival. This festival is called Sagra del riccio and it is held from March 22 till April 27.

Festa di San Michele

Saint Michele is believed to be the patron saint of Alghero. This event which is celebrated in the form of a feast is held on three days from 28 to 30 September every year. Not only are there several religious ceremonies held all over Alghero but you can also find exhibitions and other cultural events held in remembrance of the patron saint.

New Year in Alghero

These celebrations begin after Christmas and culminated with a grand event that takes place on the New Year eve. All over Alghero, spectacular events are held and people make merry with food and wine as there are parties, fireworks, concerts, and performances by artists and singers. This is a great time to be in Alghero as tourists become involved with these wild celebrations and have lofas of fun in these Alghero events.

Alghero festival beer

The people of Alghero, like other Italian cities, are fond of good food and wine. They celebrate several food and music festivals and the last Sunday of May is reserved as a day when local vineyards open their doors for the public. They offer copious quantities of their beers and wines for free to the people in the name of tasting. Birralguer festival beer is very popular among the local people as well as tourists as cultural events are held along with consumption of food and beer during this period.

Stefania Salvatore



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