Alghero Beaches!

Unparalleled in Scenic Beauty

The coastal resort town of Alghero is a very popular tourist destination today. Located in the north west coast of Sardinia region of Italy, this ancient port town is able to retain its unique Catalan character despite all the modernity that has seeped in because of the influx of tourists from all parts of the world. It is a tourist city with a thriving marina and beautiful beaches that are full of sun and sand and crystal clear waters. In fact, many tourists are able to have fun in Alghero beaches while walking down the streets of the historic centre because of the proximity of the beach of Alghero with the old walled city. The following are some of the most beautiful beaches of Alghero.


This is a relatively small beach in Alghero that lies just a short distance beyond Le Bombarde. The most impressive features of this beautiful beach are its cliffs and the bays. The sand is amazing white and the water is chilly and crystal clear. You can enjoy diving and kayaking at this beach that also contains the famous tower called Torre del Lazzaretto.

Maria Pia

Maria Pia is a very beautiful beach of Alghero that is surrounded by pine forests. This beach is away from the city centre and towards Fertilla. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of white sand dunes at this beach. This beach is very popular among the tourists as it has many picnic spots. The water here is not only very clear but also warm to make swimming very enjoyable.

Punta Negra

This is another popular beach in Alghero located very close to the old town of Fertilla. Surrounded by pine forests and reefs, this beach presents itself as a picturesque place for the entire family. A little part of this beach is reserved for guests staying at Punta Negra hotel. The beach is famous for its white sand and rocks. You can find this beach dotted with restaurants and coffee shops.

Le Bombarde

Le Bmbarde is one of the finest Alghero beaches. It is indeed a very enchanting beach located towards Porto Conte and Fertilla. It is known for its white sand and crystal clear blue water. It is very popular among families as it has many play grounds for kids. There are also many bars and restaurants at this beach. You can easily arrive here through a bus service from the city centre.

Stefania Salvatore



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